Another way of Telling

And in life, meaning is not instantaneous. Meaning is discovered in
what connects, and cannot exist without development. Without a story,
without an unfolding, there is no meaning. Facts, information, do not in
themselves constitute meaning. Facts can be fed into a computer and
become factors in a calculation. No meaning, however, comes out of
computers, for when we give meaning to an event, that meaning is a
response, not only to the known, but also to the unknown: meaning and
mystery are inseparable, and neither can exist without the passing of
time. Certainty may be instantaneous; doubt requires duration;
meaning is born of the two. An instant photographed can only acquire
meaning insofar as the viewer can read into it a duration extending
beyond itself. When we find a photograph meaningful, we are lending it
a past and a future.

-john berger,  from appearances