I hope you are reading this. It is intended for you.

The minute you saw me, you came straight over and then stopped. As if you couldn’t think and move at the same time, it seemed that you’d come to some conclusion because your thoughts started to lead you with such intensity. It was as though you had taken me into your body, I remained still, quietly absorbing my surrender to your desire. You came so close to me that I felt the breeze of your movement on my surface. Swept away by your burning attention, I felt as if I was made for you. I was completed by your presence. Will you carry me in your memory? Or is that too much to ask?

janine antoni, yours truly

Letter to an artwork.

The only way a gallery attendee could actually experience the piece was if they checked a coat or bag. While the visitor was off viewing the exhibition, the coat check attendant would slip a letter from Antoni into the attendee’s checked item for later discovery. The piece was called Yours truly.