Geographical Lore

My most recent series (2018) Geographical Lore, which consists of a combination of two-dimensional images (framed photographs, broadsides, light-boxes) and three-dimensional objects (cut and manipulated inkjet prints, photos printed on aluminum and fabric), explore spatial relationships of figure/ground within a set of reconstructed desert and mountainous landscapes. This is—figuratively and literally—new terrain for me. Over the past year, I have begun to more deeply explore landscape and the role it plays in my work. I have challenged and developed my artistic process, using the photograph as a source material to create something altogether different from the direct photographic representation that I have pursued in the past—the manipulation of the landscape and, more generally, the photographic image, to create another way of seeing the subject.  For instance, etched glass on top of the photographic image and images printed on overlapping fabric loosely draped on the wall, create object-quality to the representation of the landscape. The new series, Geographical Lore, is made up of a combination of photographs of actual natural landscapes (forest, sea, desert), architecture (interior/exterior spaces) hand-made objects and fabricated environments (architecture and landscape). Within this series, some photographs are from my personal archive, others were shot specifically for Geographical Lore in areas where I have recently traveled like New Mexico and Nevada as well as forests/state parks along the east coast.